Dalrymple Vineyards. Pipers River, Tasmania.

The Vigneron

“I’m a simple man – my favourite things in life, apart from Pinot, are thick woollen socks on cold winter's nights, my rusty old pocketknife, making dried-smoked goose-meat sausages with my neighbours at Christmas time, and spear fishing in the river by my home.

“I'm a Tasmanian sheep farmer by birth but the mystery that turns grapes into wine hooked me early.

“Peers and mentors alike pointed me north to the mainland where I spent my time at the world famous Roseworthy Agricultural College in South Australia. I then served my apprenticeship in Burgundy, Bordeaux, California and New Zealand.

“And then came Dalrymple Vineyards. What I've learned is patience. Knowing that a vineyard is an evolving organism buffeted by climate and wind and rain and sun. There are no repeat years. No textbooks. The vineyard and I work together, each within our own limitations.

“Pinot Noir has always been my passion – the most difficult grape to grow, the most difficult wine to make well. The most satisfying of victories.”

Peter Caldwell