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Dalrymple Vineyards was established by visionaries and is maintained by believers,
who create wines worth waiting for.
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Pinot Noir has always been my passion – the most difficult grape to grow, the most difficult wine to make well. The most satisfying of victories.

Peter Caldwell - Vigneron

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Amidst the raging southern seas, sits the island of Tasmania, rugged yet bountiful.
Tasmania’s very juxtaposition with the rest of the world is the thing that makes it so valuable and precious.
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Taste the award-winning wines of Peter Caldwell inside our quaint Dalrymple Vineyards tasting room. Learn more about the four stories of Dalrymple Vineyards and gain an insight into how our exclusive wines are made. How our precious grapes grow in stunning Tasmanian landscapes, to how each vintage and varietal is carefully managed by award-winning vigneron Peter Caldwell.
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